JOCIS is a Scientic Journal, created by MediaXXI/Formalpress, in partnership with several international entities, such as International Media Management Academic Association – IMMAA, and also with the collaboration of the Centre for Research in Communication, Information and Digital Culture (CIC.Digital), of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities of University of Oporto and the Faculty of Social and Human Sciences of University Nova of Lisbon.
It is focused on academic productions but also oriented to professionals and market who want to stay informed and expand their knowledge. Our innovative concept complements the classic model of a magazine in this area with interviews, study summaries of scientific events, reading proposals and a breaking new creative design that we’ll be constantly improving.
Co-directed by Terry Flew e Paulo Faustino, JOCIS is thought, developed and designed by an high qualified international team with a respectful combined years of experience and peer reviewed by the most reputed academics and experts in the fields of Creative and Cultural Industries.
Of quarterly periodicity, time span which allows us to select and evaluate the best papers, JOCIS emerges as an editorial initiative that seeks to position itself as a international reference and aims to stimulate production, sharing, dissemination and transfer of knowledge on the creative and cultural areas and activities.
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